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Reflection Pool, Berkeley by Landis Bennett.

4 photographers, 3 needing to go to bed and wake up extremely early

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Myself, Matthias, Thomas and Ian all took turns (!) holding the pano head and releasing the shutter. Ian was MC as far as eyeballing the distance to turn the whole rig. (Friday, June 23)

This was shot with a Canon 5D & 15mm, and the new 360 Adjuste head, precariously balanced atop an inverted pint glass. This is 8 shots around, and one vertical. For the horizontals, the camera was tilted down one click-stop, to 15 degrees . This really minimizes the down shot area, coupled with the much smaller footprint of the Adjuste base (compared to the Absolute).

The panorama stitched amazingly well. We shot one other, but I forgot how to use my camera for a few seconds and left the settings at Aperture-priority (argh!), so will save that set of images for a rainy day. :-)

This is at the Triple Rock Brewery, which many Conference attendees may have gone to. It's a local Berkeley almost-institution.

Afterwards, I dropped M & T off at the dorms, and Ian and I went back to my home, where Ian began to pack for his early flight the next morning. I saw Thomas and Ian off in the airport shuttle around 0530.

I guess Matthias got to sleep in!

Have a good trip home y'all -- and see you next year!