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Reflection Pool, Berkeley by Landis Bennett.

2007 IVRPA Conference Video Links and info for IVRPA members & the public!

The 2007 IVRPA Panoramic Photography Conference was a huge success, with over 100 attendees, lots of informative sessions and great informal get-togethers -- , everyone had a great time! During the conference, IVRPA member Robert Fisher shot over 40 hours of video of the sessions which we are now offering to both members and non-members. We are charging a bit of money for them in an effort to break even on the cost for the time & materials it takes to produce the videos. We have tried to keep the purchase price as low as possible so everyone may benefit.

The videos are offered online for $8/session for members and $10/session for non-members. The e-commerce engine is called Files Forever, and once purchased your files are there for you to see... forever!

The videos are offered in High Quality H.264 video at 640 x 480 pixels, the same size as regular TV, so they can be played via computers, Apple TV or any other media server that supports QT 7. As a result of this high quality the files are large -- but they are smallest file size for the quality delivered. Expect a 500-700MB download for each.

The sessions online right now are:

Keynote Address - Free: Panorama Tools - Open Source Software for Immersive Imaging

The following are links for the general public. IVRPA members should go to the members' area links.

Delivering on the Promise of VR

From the Microsoft Labs: Photosynth & HD View

Extremely High Resolution Panoramas

Landscape Panoramas, Large Scale Projects

The Business of VR

VR Expeditions in Hostile Environments

VR for Real Estate: The Client’s Perspective

More sessions soon to follow!

As an alternative to downloading, we will be offering the session videos via Data DVD. The first DVD will have all 6 of the Plenary Sessions on a single DVD, in the same format as delivered online. The second DVD will have the remaining 5 sessions. The cost will be the same as the downloads (plus shipping). The first DVD will be $48 plus shipping for members and $60 plus shipping for non-members. The total price is very small compared to the cost of the conference, travel and lodging but it is no replacement for being there. Please inquire with Robert Fisher regarding DVD delivery to you.