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Reflection Pool, Berkeley by Landis Bennett.

Aldo Hoeben

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Aldo Hoeben portrait

Aldo Hoeben has been involved in panoramic photography since 1996. Over the years, he deployed several different viewing technologies, discovering the merits and limitations of each technology. With a steady development of mainstream computer graphics hardware and the arrival of broadband internet, the time to initiate new innovations in the field of panoramic imaging has come. This is why Aldo started to develop the SPi-V engine; a hardware accelerated panorama viewing engine, based on Macromedia's acclaimed Shockwave technology.

In 2006, Aldo joined the IVRPA Board of Directors and was responsible for designing and implementing the new IVRPA community website, based on the open source Drupal CMS.

In the same year, Aldo decided it was time to focus all his energy to the field of panoramic imaging. fieldOfView now provides Aldo's software, panoramic photography for print and interactive use, as well as price winning art installations

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