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Reflection Pool, Berkeley by Landis Bennett.

Eric Hanson

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Eric Hanson portrait

Eric Hanson is a visual effects designer specializing in the creation of 3D digital environments and effects for feature films. Having worked with leading effects houses such as Digital Domain, Sony Imageworks, Dream Quest Images, and Walt Disney Feature Animation, his work can be seen in The Day After Tomorrow, Cast Away, Hollow Man, Mission to Mars, Bicentennial Man, Atlantis, Fantasia 2000 and The Fifth Element, as well as many special-venue films. Eric is also an active instructor, leading courses on effects techniques at Gnomon School of VFX and the USC School of Cinema/TV. Eric is a member of the Visual Effects Society and attended the University of Texas at Austin. Eric recently started xRez Studio with Greg Downing, offering gigapixel imaging services for various markets. He wishes he could sleep more.

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