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Reflection Pool, Berkeley by Landis Bennett.

Patrick Cheatham

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Patrick Cheatham portrait

Patrick Cheatham is a Berkeley, California based photographer, multimedia developer and panography evangelist. In 2007 Patrick was again elected by his peers to serve as a director of the International VR Photography Association (IVRPA). Patrick is also listed in the Adobe Photographers Directory, and organizes quarterly meetings of panoramic photographers in the Bay Area.

With other members of the IVRPA, Patrick has helped organize the 2007 International VR Photography Conference in Berkeley and the first annual IVRPA Panoramic Photography Contest. In the past, Patrick spoke at the VR Summit in Savannah, Georgia and gave several presentations there on VR photography and interactive Web development.

Patrick is an Oklahoma native, though life as an Army brat had him growing up in many different places across the USA and Europe. With his wife, Maura, he's settled into life in Berkeley, California, where the weather suits his clothes. When not providing consultation and support to traditional photographers who wish to create interactive imagery, or photographing and scripting dynamic content for his own clients, Patrick has been known to take graduate courses in Linguistics, do the crossword and snap the occasional photo just for fun.

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