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Reflection Pool, Berkeley by Landis Bennett.


Inexpensive Campus Lodgings

UPDATE: We had reserved a block of rooms, but they were only held until May 15. We are told that they are completely booked at this time. Anyone who currently has a single may be able to switch it to a double and share the cost with another attendee. A thread has started on the IVRPA site to discuss this option.

Contact summer housing:

Before June 1:
Conference Services
2601 Warring Street
Berkeley, CA 94720-2288
(510) 642-5796 – phone
(510) 642-4888 – fax
June 1 and After:
Summer Visitor Housing
Stern Hall
Hearst Avenue and Highland Place
Berkeley, CA 94720-2296
(510) 642-5925 – phone
(510) 643-2768 – fax 

Other Lodging Choices

If you prefer something less spartan, there are several motels along University Avenue, but most of them are a little too far away to be convenient for walking. The Holiday Inn Express ($134+) is probably the best. The Hotel Durant ($160+) is a nice old-fashioned hotel two blocks from campus (UNAVAILABLE for check-in before Saturday, 16 June). There is also The French Hotel in the "gourmet ghetto", plus several boutique hotels and bed-and-breakfasts within walking distance of campus.

If you want more luxury, the Doubletree at Berkeley Marina ($199+)is a standard business hotel, and the Claremont Resort and Spa ($209+) is grand and historic. You will want a car if you stay at either of these.

It is not out of the question to sleep in San Francisco when you attend this conference. It is a half hour subway ride away, and you will be travelling opposite the rush. Beware of cheap hotels in the city, they are likely to be flea-bags or in dangerous neighborhoods. Typical prices for decent hotels range from $189 at Hotel Diva to $450 at the new Four Seasons. Be aware, though, that BART stops running shortly after midnight, and it would be an expensive taxi ride back from Berkeley.