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Reflection Pool, Berkeley by Landis Bennett.

Planning your trip

If you want to attend just the main part of the conference, plan to arrive in Berkeley no later than the middle of the day on Saturday, June 16. You can check out of your lodgings on Tuesday morning, June 19, and leave town when the sessions end at 6 pm. Or, to make it easier on yourself, stay one more night and leave during the day on Wednesday, June 20.

If you want to participate in "VR-101" you will probably need to arrive in Berkeley on Thursday, June 14, as the activity starts at 10 am on Friday.

If you plan to go on one of the Yosemite field trips you will need lodging in Berkeley for the night of Tuesday, June 19 - the trip leaves early on Wednesday morning. You should also arrange somewhere to stay for the night you return.


If you are flying to the conference you can use either San Francisco (SFO) or Oakland (OAK) international airports. San Francisco is a major world hub and rated one of the best designed and smoothly functioning airports in the country. It is, however, very busy. Oakland is closer to Berkeley, smaller and quieter than SFO (preferred by us locals).

If you are planning a California vacation around the conference you could even fly into (or out of) Los Angeles (LAX). Huge and confusing, a full day's drive from the San Francisco Bay Area (two or more if you want to see anything on the way), it would only make sense if you plan to rent a car and tour the state.

From San Francisco Airport you can ride BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) directly from the terminal to downtown Berkeley. It is fast and comfortable, though not much of a view since it is undergound much of the way. From Oakland airport you can catch a shuttle to BART for a shorter trip to Berkeley.

In Berkeley there is a taxi rank at the exit from BART (the Downtown Berkeley station, not Ashby or North Berkeley). Or you can walk, one block gently uphill to the edge of campus, then about one kilometer to the dormitory we have booked.


If you live in California, or have rented a car, you may want to drive to the conference. Exit Interstate 80 at University Avenue and follow it east until it ends at Oxford Street on the west edge of campus. Make a left on Oxford and two blocks later a right on Hearst to reach the North Gate neighborhood. Continue up Hearst to the summer housing (Stern Hall).

There are parking garages and lots around the periphery of campus, and ticket machines to pay by the day. In summer there is seldom a problem getting a place. However vehicles cannot be left in most garages overnight. If you are staying in the Summer Visitor Housing (dormitory) they will give you a pass for parking nearby.

Maps of Berkeley and the campus will be provided before the conference begins.